Xmas in the basque country

Spend this Christmas in the Basque Country and experience our traditions to the full

Explore the traditional markets

Spend an afternoon shopping

Meet the famous charcoal burner

Be surprised by the traditional nativity scenes

And don't forget to sing to Olentzero!

Olentzero lives in the woods; he's a solitary character who likes his food, but at Christmas he comes down and hands out presents for everybody.

You can learn to sing his song:

Olentzero joan zaigu
mendira lanera
ikatz egitera.
Aditu duenian
Jesus jaio dela
lasterka etorri da
berri ona ematera.

Horra! Horra!
Gure Olentzero!
Pipa hortzetan duela
eserita dago
kapoiak ere baditu
bihar meriendatzeko
botila ardoakin.

Olentzero went off
to the mountains
to work intending
to make charcoal.
When he heard that
Jesus was born
he came running
to give the good news.

Look! Look!
Our Olentzero!
with his pipe
between his teeth
is sitting there
he's got chickens too
with eggs
or tea tomorrow
with a bottle of wine.