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Basque Country

with our dogs

A PAWESOME destination to enjoy with your dog!


Ideas and routes

A walk by the estuary in Bilbao

We suggest that you begin to discover Bilbao with a dog through one of its most iconic strolls. Following the route of the Nervión River, the old industrial epicentre of the town, you will find large open spaces, avenues full of the smell of fresh grass, the sea, etc., which will lead you to the very heart of the Old Part.

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Practical info

Recreation areas and beaches

After a busy day visiting towns and villages in the Basque Country, your dog will be grateful for some time and space to run free and play with other dogs.

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Beaches with a dog in the Basque Country

Practical info


One of the things that needs the most planning when you travel with a dog is choosing the transport you use, both to travel to your destination and to get around while you're there.

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Highlighted ideas and routes

Dog-friendly establishments

Here you can find dog-friendly establishments and places to visit where you and your dog will be welcome, to make visiting the Basque Country with your dog a perfect experience. Remember to always check the full, up-to-date policy on admission for dogs.

Dog services

Need a vet? A dog grooming service? When you travel with a dog, unexpected situations or needs can arise. Here you can find services for dogs, grouped by areas and specialisations.

Practical info

The Basque Sheepdog

A breed of dog autochthonous to the Basque Country

The Basque sheepdog

The official name of the breed is euskal Artzain Txakurra, and it has been used for centuries as a sheep dog and livestock guard dog. There are two varieties: Gorbeiakoa and iletsua. it is an athletic, energetic and agile dog, very hard-working and committed to the task. Its average weight is 20 kilos.

You can find more information about travelling with a dog in these guides

Download these leaflets packed with dog-friendly things to do and hundreds of places to stay, restaurants, shops and attractions that will welcome you together with your best friend.

Guide to the Basque Country with a dog

Routes, dog-friendly places and practical information for families with four-legged members.