The charm
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Basque coastline

Naturally delicious

The Basque coastline is unique because of the relationship between land and sea there.

Green and blue sometimes merge in a soft embrace, creating estuaries of stunning beauty like Urdaibai. At other times this passionate embrace shapes vertical rock faces of international renown, like the flysch cliffs. With its protected biotopes, wetlands and several nearby nature parks, the Basque coastline is an ideal destination for anybody looking to enjoy the best of the sea in a natural setting. Try eco-tourism on the Basque coastline!

Here in the Basque Country we have the best city beaches - and the most unspoilt ones. Beaches chosen by queens, painters, surfers and poets. We're sure to have one for you!

If you remember one thing it'll be the flavours. Trying a grilled turbot, an Orio-style sea bream, roasted sardines, baby squids in ink or a fine shellfish platter in some of the best restaurants on the Basque coast will transport you to another dimension. This is the perfect combination between quality ingredients and know-how in the kitchen. Savour it at the restaurants in the Euskadi Gastronomika club!

The 10 musts of the Basque Coast

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Seafaring culture

Basque seafaring culture is legendary.

The people of the Basque coast live and have always lived with their gaze fixed on the sea. The sea to them means sustenance and the promise of high adventure.

This relationship has borne fruit ranging from sports, like the trainera rowing races that stir such passions in the seaside towns, to a vibrant cider culture. But this isn't all, as you can see in the museums that make up the Basque coast museum network. Come and embark on a voyage of discovery!

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Nautical activities

You can see some of the best views of the Basque coastline from the water.

The first yacht clubs in the ports of Bilbao, San Sebastián and Hondarribia date from the end of the 19th century. The first surfers were already appearing on Basque beaches in the 50s, pioneering this sport in Europe. Along these 246 kilometres of coastline, 40 beaches, 50 surfing spots, 20 leisure marinas and over 100 nautical leisure companies offer the best options on the water to round off your trip to the Basque Coastline.

You can hire sail boats, yachts and even traditional tuna fishing boats, take boat trips to see the flysch rocks in the Basque Coast Geopark, see Urdaibai or visit San Juan de Gaztelugatxe by boat, go diving or snorkelling, try coasteering... Don't miss your chance to experience a day whale-watching!

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Surfing in the Basque Country

The Basque Country is one of the top surfing destinations in Europe.

In surfing towns like Zarautz and Mundaka it's common to come across surfers from different countries who have decided to settle in the Basque Country. This is no coincidence. The Basque coastline is a wonderful place to learn to surf, to go surfing and even to watch surfing. The Mundaka Left Wave, Meñakoz, La Salbaje (Sopela) and Zurriola (San Sebastián) are among more than 50 places to suit all levels, with a wide range of experienced professionals offering surfing services.

The Surfing Euskadi club is made of of authorised surfing schools that offer classes with the best gear, surfcamps in amazing places, surfer-friendly accommodation where you can clean your suit, keep your board and check out the wave forecasts, as well as guides, tourist offices and specialist inbound agencies. Learn with the best!

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